‘Agent’ is a Free Glorified ‘Do Not Disturb’ app for Android. Here’s Why I Love It and How You Can Get It.

When I got my first Android phone a few years ago, The Do Not Disturb features were pathetic. I quickly discovered the FREE ‘Agent’ app. Strange name, but it does exactly what I need and more!

A couple of months ago, either it or my phone was giving me grief, and I decided to remove and reinstall the app.

Apparently, until recently, it was available in the Google Play Store. Now an app called ‘Trigger’ replaces it, from the same company. I tried it. It’s harder to setup, doesn’t work nearly as well, and the majority of features won’t work unless you pay for them ($7 as I recall).

Let me be clear: I’m more than happy to pay for an app like this. I usually it literally on a daily basis. I paid for ‘Trigger’, but the paid features didn’t work very well for me. I would absolutely have paid for ‘Agent’ to support it, but it’s never had that option.

So, I uninstalled ‘Trigger’, and desperately tried to find ‘Agent’ again. I was able to find the install file (APK) on APKPure.

Download the ‘Agent’ app here.

You can also download the Agent app from my Dropbox here.

I downloaded it to my phone, used the built-in File Manager to find the ‘Downloads’ folder, and tapped the ‘Agent’ APK file to install it.

Since you’re not installing the app from Google Play, your phone will prompt you to allow the ‘install from unknown sources’, and should ask your permission to do so. Once that’s done, it will install. APKPure and this particular APK file are completely safe.

Upon further digging, I discovered the Agent app hasn’t been updated since early 2017. Not sure why Google Play removed it, though. The app works fine.

This is the main ‘Agent’ screen. It has many settings in which it will mute your phone when scheduled. It can detect when you’re driving, or you can tell it when you’ll be in meetings, or sleeping.

This is what the Sleep settings in the app look like on my phone. It forces my phone to be silent at night, and during my regular weekly Toastmasters meetings.

You can also set a ‘custom list’, meaning that when certain people that you select call or text you, your phone will make it’s regular sounds. Otherwise, it stays silent during that time. Incredibly useful feature!

This is the ‘Driving’ screen. You can leave it as default settings, or you can view or customize those settings by tapping ‘More Settings’.

Here is the ‘More Settings’ screen under the ‘Driving’ section of the app. By default, it can auto-respond to calls (not sure what that means, haven’t tried it). It can also auto-respond to text messages while you’re driving with an auto response, which you can customize.

‘Agent’ is an awesome app – for the most part. It’s a bit glitchy. Usually it works great, but sometimes it won’t disabled silent mode automatically, or vise versa. I have to open the app, ‘pause’ the setting, sometimes even go into the setting and ‘save changes’, even though I’ve made none, and exit the app, and it suddenly does what it’s supposed to. Also, restarting the phone sometimes corrects things as well.

So, I still recommend checking your phone before meetings, before bed, and when you wake up, to ensure ‘Agent’ is doing what’s it supposed to. Other than that, I highly recommend this app!