Kevin’s Live Stream

NOTE: This live stream has NO SOUND unless I’m recording a review or how-to video.

This is a live stream of my home office. I won’t be live streaming all the time. Most likely during the day and evening hours, and not at night when I’m sleeping, as I don’t see the point. It should be on a fair amount, as I’ll be using it as a security camera as well. Nothing particularly exciting most of the time, though I may start doing tech review and how-to videos at some point. Usually I’m tinkering, surfing the web, eating, checking email, on Social Media, working on this website, on a side project, or working.

I’ll create a more detailed blog post about my live stream setup at some point. In a nutshell, I’m using a Logitech C920 webcam, and streaming it to YouTube via ManyCam.

If you have comments, questions, contact me on Twitter or via email here.