Why I Bought a Raspberry Pi 4 for Mom vs a Windows 10 Computer

image source: Canakit

Just ordered a Raspberry Pi 4 for my Mom. Going to set it up and see how she likes using it. Given how she uses a computer, the learning curve should be minor (I’ll maintain it – mostly via AnyDesk and/or TeamViewer), but the savings will be huge vs buying a new computer in the future! Also, it’s super easy to replace the RPi, and even easier to swap out the MicroSD card at some point, eliminating the need to take apart her computer to replace the hard drive or other parts eventually.

To be fair, her computer still works really well for her, but if she likes the Raspberry Pi, she might let me use her computer as my own to tinker with.

The last computer we bought for her was in 2016, not long after Dad passed. It’s a basic Windows 10 system, but complete overkill for what she uses it for. She uses Open Office and surfs the net and uses Google Docs on Firefox, and saves things to Dropbox. That’s it.

But it’s what was available at the time that she felt comfortable using. I think it cost $800 or something ridiculous, given her needs. The Raspberry Pit Kit I just ordered is $174 with shipping. 1/4th the price! Really hoping it works well for her.